Best Android Emulators To Run Android Apps On Windows

best android emulator for pc

Best Android Emulator For PC : If you have ever thought of running your favorite Android Application or Games, then there’s good news for you. It is possible to run Android Apps on PC owing to open source nature of Android. You don’t have to install all the apps on your Windows PC, you just need an android emulator for PC to run all the apps. Similarly you can run iOS Apps on PC with iOS emulator for PC.

The main purpose of these emulator is to test the Android Apps before launching them. These emulators are used by App developers to test their applications out before actually putting them in market.

best android emulator for pc

As the Android popularity is increasing day by day and people sometimes feel need to run Android Apps on their Windows PC and laptops too. So for this purpose there are tons of android emulators for PC are available. But Selecting best emulator may be a very tedious task as some of the emulator applications might not be best for your PC and may slow down the functionalities of your PC. So to get you out of all that confusion we have selected the best android emulators available for PC to give you smooth experience while running android apps on PC.

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Best Android Emulator For PC :

1. BlueStacks :

It is one of the best android emulator for PC available on the internet. It has got a simple design with user friendly interface which makes it the first best android emulator for Windows PC in our list. You can run around more than 90% android apps on your PC. BlueStacks can be used for both Windows PC and MAC. You can install application with one click and it can also be used to install 3rd party android apps that are not available on Google Play Store. BlueStacks has a user community with large user base and you can get help from the community whenever you are getting some problems in using BlueStacks.

Initially BlueStacks was available for free but now it has got its paid version too for 2$/month. You can get many additional features in the premium version or you can use its free version.

To use BlueStacks,your PC must have at least 2 GB RAM and 4 GB space available on hard disk. You should also update your Graphic Driver if it’s not updated.

2. Droid4X :

Droid4X is another great android emulator to run android apps on PC. It is very lightweight emulator which runs smoothly on PC and doesn’t cause any problem like making your Computer slow. It is best for people who want play android games on their PC. Droid4X gives best full screen gaming experience to its users. It has Google Play Store already installed in it. What makes it a great emulator is the number of interesting add-ons you can install. For best gaming experience you can install an add-on application on your smartphone and you can control games from your smartphone while playing it full screen on your PC. You can even configure your keyboard for gaming if you don’t want to use your smartphone as controller. It also provides many additional features like real time video recording, GPS Simulation, Keys Simulation etc.

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3. Genymotion :

Genymotion is best android emulator for PC and very popular one for the app developers who want to test their applications on various devices without actually using those devices. So if you are an android game or app developer then it will suit your need better than any other android emulator. With Genymotion you can emulate thousands of configurations of more than 40 devices. That’s not it. You can even check your application’s performance on a particular configuration with varying battery levels. It means you can see how your application is performing when the device is on low battery or full battery. Its not as simple as BlueStacks because of the obvious reasons like having tons of configurations of different android versions. It is available for free with basic features and its paid version is having many additional awesome features. So if you are an app developer and you can afford to spend some bucks to test your applications then Genymotion is the go to Android Emulator for you.

4. Andy :

Andy is relatively newer Android Emulator for PC which is totally free of cost. You can run this on all versions of windows like windows 7,8,8.1,10. It has got some very unique features which are not provided by most of the other android emulators. These unique features include using your smartphone as controller while playing games on your PC in full screen mode. It does not require you to upgrade your graphics card. It can run smoothly even without having any dedicated graphics card. Genymotion and Andy both are similar in the aspect that you need to have VirtualBox already installed in your PC in order to run them. So for users who are a little tight on budget and do not want to spend some bucks on Android emulator, Andy might be a great free alternative to run their favorite Android Apps on PC.

5. Nox App Player :

Nox App player is one of the fastest and lightweight Android Emulator that might be best for the heavy game lovers who want to play their favorite heavy games smoothly on PC. Its user interface is very simple. For gamers it provides additional features like compatibility with Computer’s Mouse,keyboard and it is also compatible with Game pad. Another good thing about Nox App Player is, you don’t have to install some additional software in your PC in order to run it. You can install Google Play store and also you can install other third party application which you may not find in Play Store.It even supports games which require GPS as GPS controller setting is inbuilt in Nox App Player.

6. KO Player :

It is one of the newest android emulator for PC. If you need an emulator which can give you best gaming experience on your PC then you should go with KO Player. It is well optimized for Gamers and it will give best performance while playing games. You can even play very heavy games like Asphalt 8 smoothly with KO Player. Gamers can use their keyboard as controller. Game play can be recorded and uploaded anywhere. Since it specifically optimized for game play, you do not need to have a dedicated graphics card to play heavy games.
Another great thing about KO Player is, you can run multiple emulations simultaneously and it will still run smoothly. It is a very unique feature which most of the other Android Emulators don’t have.
Google Play Store is already installed in KO Player, so you can directly start downloading your favorite games. Also you don’t have pay anything to experience high quality gaming. It’s totally free of cost.

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7. Windroy :

If you are looking for a lightweight and best android emulator for windows which can provide you awesome features also, then Windroy comes to the rescue. It runs using the Windows kernel only and you do not need to install any external application to support Windroy. It has got Play Store installed in it and you can use play store to download more and more apps. It comes with some preinstalled games and apps also. You can run almost any android application on your PC using Windroy.

8. YouWave :

YouWave is another one of the best android emulator for PC in our list. It has got very simple and user friendly User Interface and this has been one of the greatest reasons in its popularity in very short amount of time. It is compatible with all version of windows whether it be Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or Windows 10. For the gamers who love to play multiplayer games with their friends it is a great option as it supports multiplayer games also.

So these were some of the best android emulator for PC. You can use paid one if you are having some budget and free one if you are tight on budget as we have mentioned both the paid ones and free ones. Try these best android emulator for windows and let us know in comments which one liked the best.





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