Siri Alternatives: 5 Best Apps Like Siri For Android

siri for android

Apps like Siri For Android: Siri has been an important part of iPhone since its advent. Siri is undoubtedly the best Personal Assistant Application ever developed. You can do way too many tasks with Siri. From Sending text messages to Setting up an alarm or making calls, Siri can do all these tasks with ease. Siri can track your meeting calendar or appointments, remind you of your important events like birthdays or anniversaries, giving to directions to different place just with simple voice commands.
When you are bored you can even talk to Siri and it won’t disappoint. It answers even stupid questions with great sense of humor.
But if you are not having an iPhone then you can’t use Siri as it is created for iOS devices only. If you want to run iOS apps on android then you can try these iOS Emulator for Android.

siri for android

There are many android personal assistant application available using which you can do some basic tasks. These Application may not be as good as Siri but these Apps are worth giving a try.

We have listed best Siri Alternatives or Apps like Siri for Android.

Best Apps Like Siri For Android:

1. Google Allo:

Google has recently launched its new android personal assistant Google Allo which comes in built in Google Pixel Phones. Other Android Phone users can get this from Google Play Store. It is a very good alterative of Siri for android and it can do all the basic tasks which Siri can do, for example answering who’s, when’s and where’s, giving weather update, setting up timers or alarms, making calls, sending text messages etc.
It tries to give the best answers to your questions and sometimes it gives google search results as your answer. Google Allo is a good learner and it gives answers based on your previous questions too. For those Android users who have not installed it yet, you should definitely give it a try.

2. Cortona:

Android has Google Allo, Apple has Siri so Microsoft also created their Personal Assistant Application Cortona. Initially Cortona was available in Windows Phones only but Microsoft went one step further and launched Cortona for iOS and Android also. It is one of the biggest appeal of Cortona that it is a cross platform application which is available on Android, iOS and Windows. You can use Cortona on your PC and you can talk to your PC the same way people talk to their iPhone devices to use Siri. It is not as brilliant as Siri but it can do your basic tasks for you.

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3. Google Now:

Another one of Google’s own personal assistant app which comes in built with Android Phones. You can start Google Now just by saying ‘Ok Google’ and it will start and wait for you ask a query. You can use Google Now to set alarms, reminders, get weather updates etc. It also returns search results from Google based on your query. It gives suggestion based on what you have searched on Google previously. As it is a google product and it has access to all other google services like Gmail then it can give suggestion based on what goes in your inbox also. For example when to arrive at airport for your scheduled flight.

4. Alice:

Alice is also a pretty good voice assistant application for Android. Though it is far from being compared with Siri, Google Allo, Cortona etc. but it has got ability to do basic chores like starting applications, setting up Alarms, calling, sending SMS, provide weather updates, Calendar etc. It can even do some simple mathematical calculations for you, not very complex ones.

If you want to get rid of the ads shown on the app then Alice has got its pro version also. You can upgrade to pro version to get ad free experience and many other addition features.

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5. Robin:

Robin was developed to challenge Siri and it deserves a mention too in the list of best Siri alternatives. It provides all the basic features like other personal assistant apps. It is still in beta version so we can expect some more development and additional features before its full version is launched. It also responds to gestures and along with basic features you can also get to know about parking, traffic, gas prices etc. It has plenty of room left for development but still in its beta version it is worth giving a try.

So this was our list of 5 best Apps like Siri for Android. If you have used any other Android Siri Equivalent Apps that you liked then you can suggest in comments and we’ll include that in our list.

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